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Technology & Engineering Translation Specialisation


Any translation work that I accept will always be just for my fields of specialisation, mostly related to my studies in Mechanical and Renewable Energy Systems Engineering. Thanks to my studies and work experience in Switzerland, when I translate a document I write as an engineer naturally would, and do so only into my native language English. I also have many years of practical, hands-on experience as a mechanic and aircraft technician so I know exactly the importance and requirements of clear, precise and user-friendly technical documentation. Technical translations in the following fields are what I like most and what I do best and you can rest assured that I will give your project my very best effort.

Kartik, the Translating Engineer
  • Renewable energy educational material

  • Artificial Intelligence, large language models and neural networks

  • Website content localisation

  • Technical manuals

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals

  • Service Bulletins

  • Data Science and Machine Learning content

  • IT educational materials

  • Performance assessments for Artificial Intelligence engineering

  • Deep Learning content

  • Civil engineering projects

  • Work procedures

  • Engineering drawings

  • Press releases

  • Paragliding user manuals

  • Paraglider design and engineering documentation

  • Renewable energy technical manuals

  • Reverse engineering content

  • Social engineering and ethical hacking

  • Technical writing

  • Sound / audio engineering

  • Photovoltaics (PV) / solar energy text

  • Hydrogen technology content

  • Fuel cell and clean energy power generation text

  • Alternative energy content

  • Bio gas engineering

  • Geothermal energy and power generation

  • Wind turbine and offshore energy generation

  • Solar thermal and solar power

  • Free flying and glider technology

  • Aeronautical engineering

  • Aeronautical science

  • Aerospace engineering

  • Aircraft technical documentation

  • Sustainable & renewable energy engineering

  • Website translations

  • Technology and engineering documentation

  • Locksmith manuals and lock picking documentation

  • Penetration testing / pen-testing 

  • Computer system vulnerability testing and hacking

  • Network administration 

  • Kali Linux tutorials and documentation

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